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FRENCH singer and electric harpist Laura Perrudin has drawn comparisons with everyone from Debussy to Flying Lotus and then a mesmerizing solo turn at the recent EFG London Jazz Festival that saw her harp used as both orchestra an drum kit. This sophomore record is a dreamy confection of electronica, neo soul and psychedelic folk, threaded with vocal experiments including clicks, breaths and whispers and multi-tracked harmonies that soar and soothe. Tracks including The Ceiling Maze, with its chilled R&B vibe and the offbeat Diurnal Fireflies, revel in this painterly approach. Two poems by William Blake, Auguries of Innocence et The Sick Rose, feel otherworldly. An arresting work by an artist destined for greatness."

Evening Standard / Jane Cornwell

"This beautiful album brings together classical, folk, hip hop, rock, and above all, jazz: it’s a personal, original and highly musical vision."


"The set was recorded in Iceland, in a studio that has seen Bjork, Feist, Camille. Certainly, some of the tracks here have the left-field pop music of artists like these, together with their commitment to experimentation and exploration of the song form."

Jazz News / Chris Baber

"Could we just say we LOVE the amazing Laura Perrudin and her superb album Impressions. Go listen!"

BBC / Kevin legendre

"It's rather as if Björk had chanced upon Herbie Hancock in a Dublin pub, before a John McLaughlinconcert..."

"Winner of numerous prizes in recent years, her unclassifiable style, refinedand intelligent, delights fans of jazz 'off the beaten track'."

France Inter

"Laura Perrudin ignores the stereotypes on her first solo album. Besides submitting texts by Yeats, Joyce andShakespeare to her vocal and harmonic experiments, the young iconoclast blends jazz with contemporarymelodic lines, r'n'b grooves and rich harmonic structures. It is stunning to listen to the thousand games of atightrope artist, her cheerful and spontaneous radicalism, definitely modern"

Les Inrocks


"Perrudin’s strong melodies and poetic imagery make each song uniquely compelling."

The Guardian / John Lewis