No Tongues

The past few years, the group No Tongues has been building a reputation as one of the most original on the French music scene.


After the universalistic Voies du Monde and the specifically Guianese adventure of Voies de l’Oyapock, the music of No Tongues blends into the here and now.
For their latest creation, they collected a range of sounds and voices by harvesting local resources, revealing the richness and beauty of the soundscape on our very doorstep. These sounds that provide the backdrop to our everyday lives feed an omnipresent realization: whether collectively or individually, our world is changing, and opening new pathways and paradigms is becoming essential.
No Tongues explores our sensitive relationship to the world surrounding us in a musical transposition that leads us to question realms such as travel, the place of the individual, the consequences of our actions globally, our awareness of the world, etc. It’s an invitation to slow the passing of time, to continue to imagine and dream, carried by the creative process that lies at the heart of the No Tongues philosophy, with as always, their shared desire to create highly original immersive music.
The group’s DNA allows it to envisage its research into sound through the prism of everyday, local sounds in a logical continuation of its previous pathways, in order to continue to evolve and transform itself. A renewed process in which phonographic creation reaches a new, fertile place, where the objective is to make each concert an entirely new, surprising moment for both the musicians and the audience. Another way to celebrate “the here and now”.