More than a simple agency, Orotone is a platform for top flight European jazz production and performance projects, and aims to make it easier for artists to move from country to country. It provides concert organisers and journalists with comprehensive information and develops long-term cooperative partnerships.
Based in Paris, Orotone provides a showcase for a selection of the best artists on French jazz scene and also musicians from other countries.

Orotone is a project developed by Laurent Carrier, a 44-year old French producer who has built up extensive experience of cooperative projects across Europe. Orotone was founded in 2009, before which LC worked for more than ten years as an administrator and “booker” alongside the artist Jean-Marie Machado.

Since 2009, Orotone has organised several hundred concerts with the following artists:
Emile Parisien, Vincent Peirani, Jean-Marie Machado, Andy Emler, Céline Bonacina, Marc Ducret, David Liebman…

Laurent Carrier teamed up with François Peyratout, founder and director of the French agency NEMO (Renaud Garcia-Fons, Hadouk, etc.) to further expand Orotone’s activities in 2015.