Manu Hermia

The saxophone player and flautist Manuel Hermia, voted Belgium’s Best Jazz Artist in 2011, has cemented his reputation as a European musician at the top of his game !


Three years after his first album, a string of concerts and an Octave de la musique (the Belgian equivalent of France’s Victoires de la musique), he’s continuing his free-wheeling adventures with a new work: "Austerity... and what about rage?”
Performing in the trio’s naturally pared-down style, in the company of the exceptional and adaptable Manolo Cabras and Joao Lobo, Hermia produces a raw, unpretentious sound mixing matt tones and tight vibratos for alto and tenor saxophone, and more distinctive timbre sounds for soprano saxophone, with an unmistakable Coltrane vibe, and recurrent flute notes – a natural way for Hermia to express his interest in Indian music, without ever slipping into imitation or caricature.
The album’s title “Austerity... and what about rage?" was not chosen by chance. According to Manuel: “Free jazz originated in the United States in a specific social and cultural context, but in essence it’s a musical form that’s relevant to every society and every period, because it expresses the transformation of the world around us, and speaks of the gentleness, fear, chaos and rage it awakens in us. To this extent, free jazz is extremely relevant to modern day Europe” .