Sylvain Darrifourcq

Virtuoso and creative French drummer Is becoming increasingly well-known on the European scene.


He leads IN LOVE WITH, with violinist Théo Ceccaldi and cellist Valentin Ceccaldi, a minimalist-brutal jazz trio through abstracted, brain-meltingly virtuosic compositions that come off like mashups of Webern, Satie, Mr. Bungle, and beautifully textured chamber jazz.

SYLVAIN DARRIFOURCQ, former drummer of Emile Parisien's quartet or collaborator with Michel Portal, is in the search for new soundscapes and for ways in which widely different styles and traditions can merge into an individual tone.

His other collaboration with two of the most oustanding musicians of the European jazz scene : Belgian saxophone player and flautist Manuel Hermia and French cellist Valentin Ceccaldi has been a highlight of the recent Belgium Jazz Meeting and the trio HERMIA- DARRIFOURCQ - CECCALDI has been selected for the European show-case in Jazzahead 2018.