Sylvain Darrifourcq


This recently formed trio is an explosive meeting of Sylvain Darrifourcq, drummer with the Emile Parisien quartet, British musician Kit Downes and Julien Desprez, founder of the Coax collective. The search for new soundscapes and the way in which widely different styles and traditions are merged into an individual tone is the mark of three musicians who have known each other for some time. Desprez and Downes play in the Tweedle Dee septet together, while Darrifourcq and Desprez feature in the Q trio. These three are all great soloists: in 2008 Downes was acknowledged as a “Rising Star” in the renowned BBC Jazz Awards, while Sylvain Darrifourcq came to jazz from a “classical” training as a percussionist and today also appears with that doyen of the jazz world, Michel Portal.