Laura Perrudin - Portrait

Laura Perrudin's career is both unusual and eclectic.


Brought up on a diet of jazz from childhood, her classical music studies led on to both electronic and traditional music, via soul and hip-hop, through her encounters with innumerable musicians, in her native Brittany, but also in Paris and New York. Her mission is to open up the possibilities of the harp to a richer harmonic language, and it was in 2008 that she finally found the key, when harp-maker Philippe Volant custom-built for her a chromatic pedal-less harp with a single row of strings. This innovative instrument has allowed her to give free rein to the sinuous harmonies of her unclassifiable compositions.

The last three years have been marked by important musical and stage experiences : her quartet won the prestigious National Jazz competition at 'Jazz à Vannes' 2013, which allowed them to play an opener for the Wayne Shorter Quartet, one of their seminal influences ; Laura won the prize for composition in the National Competition at 'La Défense Jazz Festival' 2013 in Paris, the 2nd prize at the 'Montreux Jazz Voice Competition' 2014.

Her first solo album in 2014 got wonderful reviews in France and in UK.
She releases a new album in 2017 "Poisons & Antidotes" as a solo in vocals, electronics, and electric chromatic harp. Her new musical trip is also receiving amazing reviews (see References).