Mario Forte - Portrait

Mario Forte is a Franco-Italian violinist born in North Africa, graduated from the Paris Conservatory, 1st prize award winner of the international Z.Seifert Competition, best known for his multiplicity between classical and contemporain music, as much as his singular way to use his instrument into African music and all kind of black music styles. Also known as a composer and strings orchestra director, he moved from Europe to NYC in 2016, and has performed with many renown musicians such as Mark Feldman, Matt Hollenberg and many musicians from the John Zorn’s music scene, as much as with Richard Bona, Kevin Hays, Al MacDowell, Anat Cohen, David Gilmore, Samson Schmitt and Clarence PENN, just to name a few. Mario Forte came back to France early 2021.


Two main projects on the road :


Bowless by Mario Forte, is the unpredictable use of a classical violin transversed into an electric and eclectic African-ish instrument, bringing on stage an original sound using effects pedals, looping and electronics, able to fire up the audience soul with virtuoso off-beats, ragged syncopated rhythms and tremendous appeal. Known for featuring a lot of diverse artists, from jazz instrumentalists to hip-hop singers and electronic performers, Bowless is a perfect guests platform as much as an original performance in itself.

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana is the meeting between the violinist Mario Forte, and cellist Ernst Reijseger, known for his numerous soundtracks for Werner Herzog's movies, and dozens of album releases for Winter Winter label. From Jazz to baroque, avant-garde, americana and minimalist music, not to mention totally unclassifiable forms, these 2 insatiable musicians touch everything to get closer to the absolute of what the duo repertoire for violin and cello can be, around original compositions. Their many common elements lead them to form this duo which is already drawing a territory of universality.